Thursday, 27 May 2010


A couple of friends of mine make a small publication every so often. It usually depends on how busy they are so there isn't a regular release date. Its called Zeene and its another example of the growing culture of small books about anything and everything. Its great. The two lads, Greg and Nick are off to London to be part of the great London Zine Symposium which is at The Rag Factory on Heneage Street, just off Brick Lane. It starts at 12 and ends at 6. Loads of Zine's will be on sale there including their one.
Check out their blog
and also which is where you can watch short videos where zine's that have been sent it get flicked through.

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  1. Thanks Ali!

    Going to start issue 3 this week, you can be our guest page, it can be about anything you want, as long as is cake related!