Friday, 7 May 2010

Uneven Geographies

Uneven Geographies is the latest exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary. It starts on Saturday 8th May and runs till 4th July. I went to the private view to check it out with a few friends. Its made up of 13 artists from 12 countries from 5 continents and its their reaction to globalisation. A great show all round with some particularly interesting pieces in the form of a water tank with african frogs in it, a live feed from cameras monitoring a border on the look out for illegal immigrants and drawings from Mark Lombardi. Other artists included Steve McQueen, Mladen Stilinovic and Bruno Serralongue.

MARK LOMBARDI read and listen about his work HERE



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  1. Me and Greg went back yesterday. The Steve McQueen video was good, I missed that on the private view!

    Mark Lombardi's was the most interesting for me!