Thursday, 27 May 2010


A couple of friends of mine make a small publication every so often. It usually depends on how busy they are so there isn't a regular release date. Its called Zeene and its another example of the growing culture of small books about anything and everything. Its great. The two lads, Greg and Nick are off to London to be part of the great London Zine Symposium which is at The Rag Factory on Heneage Street, just off Brick Lane. It starts at 12 and ends at 6. Loads of Zine's will be on sale there including their one.
Check out their blog
and also which is where you can watch short videos where zine's that have been sent it get flicked through.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Field Broadcast

Today marks the end of a Live streaming performance project curated by Robert Smith and Rebecca Birch. This is a place where artists who have proposed a performance of some kind get to do a live performance that you can stream and watch as it happens. Sorry that I have just posted this but hopefully the performances that have already occurred will be available to watch again. A few friends and I were involved in one such performance from Jonathan Ryall and Christopher Bassford where we had to play football in restricting outfits.
If you read this in time there are some performances today and if you download a widget that indicates to you when a performance is going live you can take a look.

Field Broadcast

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Lounge Lizards

John Lurie who stars in Stranger than Paradise and also has a short cameo in David Lynch's "Wild at Heart" has a band called The Lounge Lizards. This video shows them playing one of their best songs "The Voice Of Chunk"

There's also an album recording but I think this is better.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Uneven Geographies

Uneven Geographies is the latest exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary. It starts on Saturday 8th May and runs till 4th July. I went to the private view to check it out with a few friends. Its made up of 13 artists from 12 countries from 5 continents and its their reaction to globalisation. A great show all round with some particularly interesting pieces in the form of a water tank with african frogs in it, a live feed from cameras monitoring a border on the look out for illegal immigrants and drawings from Mark Lombardi. Other artists included Steve McQueen, Mladen Stilinovic and Bruno Serralongue.

MARK LOMBARDI read and listen about his work HERE




My housemate and I have fell in love with Caribou's simplistic beats. Their recent album "Swim" has just been released and its great. Check out their myspace page at -

Odessa and Hannibal are my personal favourites. Listen to Hannibal HERE as its not on their myspace.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Stranger Than Paradise

Made in 1984 and directed by Jim Jarmusch. He's a great film maker. Other films by him include Broken Flowers with Bill Murray and Dead Man with Jonny Depp. If you like films then check them out. Broken Flowers is one of my favourite films of all time along with Stranger than Paradise.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Eric Aupol

These are taken from his series of photos called "Paysages De Verre" and they are landscapes made of scrap glass.

His latest series of photographs are of snowy landscapes cropped within a white page almost like pages taken from a book.

Eric Aupol